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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does renting a Dian Bridal veils work?

Just follow these six simple steps:
  1. Save your favorite veils from Dian Bridal online store.
  2. Once veils have been selected, you can either schedule a rental or purchase from the online store. If you choose to rent, an 8-day rental period ending on the wedding date will be scheduled automatically for your selected size.
  3. Your personal Stylist will follow up to confirm the rental reservation. She will also select a second size for you to try based on your measurements and depending on availability.
  4. Your two dresses will arrive clean and ready to wear on the first day of the scheduled rental window. The pink and red tags on the dress signify that it has been quality checked and cleaned. Only remove the tags on the dress you wear. Have fun and enjoy the party!
  5. On the first business day following the rental period, drop the dress as is into the enclosed prepaid envelope. Drop off at any UPS location to send back to Weddington Way.
  • Which dresses are available to rent?
You can choose to rent or buy any of the 6 Weddington Way Collection dresses that appear above. These 6 styles come in 6 colors and have 6 different necklines which makes them perfect for mixing and matching.
How much does it cost?
Each rental costs $75. That includes a free second size to try on (subject to availability), free shipping and a $5 insurance fee to cover minor damages and stains.
How much does shipping cost?
For a limited time, we are pleased to offer you free shipping and free returns for all rentals.
Are rentals available for international addresses?
No; unfortunately we are not able to offer rentals shipped to international addresses at this time.
Can I add these dresses to my showroom?
Yes, you can! We recommend you add your favorite styles to the showroom so that your bridal party can easily see which dresses they can choose from.
When should I make a reservation for a dress?
To ensure availability, we recommend reserving your rental at least 3 months prior to the wedding date. If you don’t see your size available, please reach out to your Stylist, or You can schedule a rental closer to the wedding date too, but we cannot guarantee a full size selection.
How can I be sure the dresses will arrive before the wedding?
At Weddington Way, we have a “No Weddings Left Behind” policy. We understand that there is no room for error. If you have any trouble, please reach out to your Stylist. She’s there to help, and in the case of any emergency or problem, we will find a solution. Period.
I’m travelling for a destination wedding - can my dress be delivered somewhere other than my home?
If you need to make special shipping arrangements, please reach out to your Stylist and we’ll do our best to help.
What happens if neither size fits?
We want to make sure you get the right size. If the first two sizes don’t fit correctly, reach out to your Stylist or to get an additional size.
Can I alter the dress?
We do not allow alterations on rental dresses. Doing so constitutes a damage outside of the scope of what the insurance fee covers, and will require replacement of the dress at the full retail price. If you wish to alter, you will need to purchase the dress first.
What if the dress arrives damaged?
We are very careful in cleaning and repairing dresses between wears, but in the rare event that your dress arrives damaged, please let your Stylist know immediately and we will send a replacement.
How do I know the dress is clean?
Every dress is professionally dry cleaned between each rental. We then carefully inspect each cleaned dress. Once the dress has been inspected, we put on a pink rental tag and a red security tag, meaning it’s as good as new and ready to wear.
What happens if I remove the pink and red tags from both dresses sent?
If you remove the pink and red tags from both dresses sent, you will be charged for two rentals. We need to do this, as any dress we receive without pink and red tags will treated as a returned rental and will be cleaned and inspected to ensure that the next customer receives a perfect dress.
How long can I keep the rented dress?
You can keep your dress rental for 8 days, including the date received. The next business day after your event, you can return your dress via the enclosed pre-paid envelope.
What happens if I send the dress back late?
We charge a late fee of $25 per day per dress up to 100% of the retail price of each dress.
What if I decide I want to keep the dress?
Then you have excellent taste! If you wish to purchase the dress, reach out to your stylist or
What happens if I accidentally damage the dress?
We understand that minor damages and wear-and-tear happen - these are party dresses, after all! Most minor damages are covered by the $5 insurance fee.
What damages are not covered by insurance?
Major destruction (e.g. rips greater than 1 inch in length, cigarette burns, large stains that are impossible to remove) is not covered by insurance. Similarly, loss or theft of the dress is not covered. In one of those rare cases, you will be responsible to pay the retail price of the dress.
How do I return the dress?
After your event, place your dress into the prepaid bag, and drop it off at any UPS Ground location. No need to clean or press the dress - we get each dress professionally cleaned between wears. Find a UPS Ground locations near you here:
What happens if my rental period ends on a Sunday or Holiday?
No problem! Just make sure to drop your dress off so that it is postmarked on the next business day after the event, and you will not be charged a late fee.
What if I misplace or lose the return envelope?
We provide each customer with a prepaid return shipping label, which should be affixed to the outside of the return package. If you misplace it, it’s your responsibility to send the order back to us by the due date at your own expense.
Will there be more dresses added for rental?
If you are interested in renting, but don’t see the right dress in the current selection, please let us know what you’d like to see offered! Email to share your feedback.
How do I cancel my order?
If you need to cancel your order, please reach out to your Stylist or for assistance